Embrace the future of energy with geothermal heating and cooling

Geothermal energy, harnessed from the earth’s crust, is a forward-thinking, sustainable choice for developers seeking to meet new energy and carbon targets while reducing their environmental impact and ongoing operating costs. 

How it works

Efficient heat and cooling distribution

Our geothermal heat pump system consists of a Ground Loop Heat Exchanger made up of a network of high-density polyethylene pipes. The pipes are filled with a water-based solution and buried underground.


In winter, when the air temperature is colder than the ground, the fluid absorbs stored heat from the Earth and carries it into the building where a heat pump extracts the heat from the fluid and distributes it throughout the space. In addition, the heat pump can generate hot water as required.


In summer, the process reverses. The ground is cooler than the air, so the heat pump extracts excess heat from the building and transfers it to the ground loop where it can be stored for use when required.

Horizontal lines

Where multiple loops are installed, connection to heat pumps is by way of High Density Polyethylene Pipe lines installed horizontally. Depth of lines is subject to site requirements and in ground service co-ordination.

Geothermal ground loops

All loops are delivered to site preassembled and to strict quality controls. Each loop is installed to a specified depth and encased in a special High TC geothermal grout. Where multiple loops are installed, a minimum 6m separation is required. The total number of loops is
determined by the buildings heating and air conditioning load.

Risk free service model

Etna Energy’s utility service advantage means we handle all initial expenses, from drilling to pumps and infrastructure setup. We offer customisable payment plans, allowing you to spread the cost of installation and usage over up to 30 years.

System control

Our geothermal system can be controlled either by wall mounted thermostat or Building Management System interface.

Internal works

All internal works are conventional. No alternate design or installation methodology is required to accommodate a geothermal system.

Geothermal heat pump

Our geothermal heat pumps are designed to deliver industry-leading efficiencies and capacity control. Our geothermal heat pumps offer flexibility in design and location.

Unlock the benefits of geothermal energy

Cost efficiency:

Environmental advantages:

Longevity and reliability:

Property value boost:

Etna Energy’s utility service advantage

Embark on a 30-year journey toward sustainable energy:

*(Source Morgan Stanley, Colliers)

A closer look at
our partnership

Agreement and payment

Design and construction

Maintenance and repairs

The journey to risk-free
sustainable energy

  1. Site assessment: We complete a thorough property analysis, evaluating sub surface geology, available space, complimentary energy sources and local climate.
  2. Ground loop installation: Choose between horizontal and vertical loops based on space and geological conditions.
  3. Heat pump installation: Install a highly efficient ground source heat pump system inside the building and connect it to the ground loop.
  4. Distribution system: Integrate the heat pump with a customised distribution system deigned to match your building’s heating and cooling needs, whether it be hydronic based, ducted or both.
  5. Controls and testing: The system can tie-in to existing building management systems for adjustment and monitoring.
  6. Final inspection and commissioning: Conduct a thorough inspection to ensure compliance with local codes and regulations.

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